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Our story

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the story of Le Diamant Rose ®?

Before our rose bouquet gets its final form, many skilled hands participate in the process. It’s a precise craftsmanship that begins at the farm where our special ‘diamond’ roses are grown.


They bear the beauty and taste of South America. They come all the way from Ecuador.

That’s where roses are grown with love, mostly in greenhouse setting. These provide the ideal conditions, enhancing their quality. Farmers we work with dedicate their effort to cultivating the finest premium roses, guaranteeing their freshness. This way, the highest quality standards are met.


Freshly cut flowers are sumberged in a special solution. After several days, the sap would evaporate and get replaced. This technology makes a wonderful way of preserving the everlasting beauty of fresh flowers, while being enviromentally firendly and safe. The solution is free of harmful substances and fully complies to EU’s regulations. This way, your roses last for years and keep reminding you of your life’s most beautiful moments.

Our roses’ journey spans around half the globe, before reaching your hands in its final form. We arrange them in various elegant boxes of different shapes, colors and materials, with respect to the world’s latest fashion trends.


We create very unique bouquets and gift items, ensuring the most beautiful and unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones.

The end of our ‘diamond’ roses’ journey is not in our store shelves; it continues all the way to your hands…

Do not hesitate to share your roses’ story with us…


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